I’m sitting watching the snow fall outside my window and dreaming about stinging nettles; scientific name Urtica dioica. I haven’t been able to find any reliable information about whether or not this springtime herb grows wild in my region. To be honest, at this point I haven’t looked very hard. I’ve just brushed the surface with a quick google search. But, regardless of whether they grow here or not, I know I can cultivate them in this climate. WIN FOR ME!

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So you want to learn a little bit about mullein. I wouldn’t expect anything less – She is marvelous!

Mullein is a member of the Scrophularia family. Her botanical name is Verbascum thapsus.

This plant has a rather majestic appearance. It is biennial and grows to be quite tall in it’s second year. Much of the time that I spent with mullein in the wild was in Northeast PA. I regularly came across plants there that towered over my 5’9″ height.

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