I’m sitting watching the snow fall outside my window and dreaming about stinging nettles; scientific name Urtica dioica. I haven’t been able to find any reliable information about whether or not this springtime herb grows wild in my region. To be honest, at this point I haven’t looked very hard. I’ve just brushed the surface with a quick google search. But, regardless of whether they grow here or not, I know I can cultivate them in this climate. WIN FOR ME!

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So you want to learn a little bit about mullein. I wouldn’t expect anything less – She is marvelous!

Mullein is a member of the Scrophularia family. Her botanical name is Verbascum thapsus.

This plant has a rather majestic appearance. It is biennial and grows to be quite tall in it’s second year. Much of the time that I spent with mullein in the wild was in Northeast PA. I regularly came across plants there that towered over my 5’9″ height.

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When I was a young woman I cleared out an old estate with my relatives. I will never forget that old house. And the strewn about belongings of the clearly extraordinary woman who had lived her life there. She was no longer walking this realm by the time I stepped through the front door of that house. But when I walked back out that same door for the final time I felt as though we had become friends.

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