There is something about the heat of a sunny summers day. Something that is a little hard to put into words. And yet seems to be clearly understood by both the plant and the animal kingdoms.

I like to think of it in gardening lingo. The seeds have been planted, and now it is time to just relax a bit and wait for the harvest to come. There is some maintaining to do, of course. Things will need to be watered and weeded. But, still, the next event that will require a significant bit of energy from us is the harvest.

So we have time to PLAY! And it feels good.

There are many ways that I engage in summer season play. But today, I want to share those that I never allow to slip through the cracks. A summer does not come and go, without me paying a little extra attention to these three areas.


The first of these is the innate need I feel to get physical. What? I just said to relax didn’t I?

Indeed, I did. So, do both. Get yourself engaged in physical activity that you enjoy. Things that get your blood pumping, your endorphins moving, and your mind off of the every day.

Maybe take a hike. Or a bike ride. Perhaps you could go on a hand-gliding adventure. Or water skiing. You get the idea!

AND … do yourself a favor and, at least once this summer, get physical doing something you’ve never done before. It is so good for your head space. So damn GOOD.


Choose something you would like to learn. Or further study a subject you’re already familiar with. But pick something that interests you and commit to increasing your knowledge of it.

You can do this with a hands on activity, if that is more desirable to you. I love hands on activities, and as you likely know they are often touted for their ability to help those who use them retain details of the subject matter they employ them with. I believe that to be true. They have a certain kind of stick-with-you quality.

BUT … I am a book nerd. And if you are also a lover of the written word, you may want to spend a good amount of your summer nights sitting in a comfy chair, under a star lit sky, with a book (or twenty) on the subject of your choosing.

PRO-TIP: Combine your hands-on skills with your inner book nerd, and you’ll likely come out light years ahead of practicing only one or the other technique πŸ˜‰


And finally, commune with your higher power.

This is something you may be doing already. And that’s great. Which goes without saying, right? But the summer months offer you the opportunity to head out into nature and allow your connection with the divine to deepen. The ‘signal’ is stronger out there, as they say πŸ˜‰

Let the soothing sights and sounds of Mama Earth melt away all of your stress and anxiety. Let her aromas and the sensations of her elements, earth, air, water, and fire, wash over your senses. And you will inevitably be changed on a profound level.

The summer season will be upon us soon. Do you have plans to engage in any of the activities I’ve mentioned this year? Or, perhaps, you have another way to squeeze all you can out of this energetically charged season. If so, I would love to hear about it! So, meet me in the comments, and share it with me if you will πŸ˜‰

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Before we talk about what to do when you feel stuck, we should cover the definition of stuck as it pertains to this post.

It refers to those moments in time when you feel like your life isn’t really going anywhere, is going a little poorly, or is just plain crappy. It’s doesn’t pertain to the times that you are happy with life in general, and are just enjoying the status quo for a bit. Or, needless to say, to those times when LIFE IS GOOD!


With all that said … The principles you can follow to pry yourself free from ‘stuck mode’, can be practiced at any time to just generally gain positive ground as well.


When you’re stuck apply yourself to these two things …

  1. Actively work on making your current circumstance better (or, at least, as pleasant as possible)
  2. Visualize the future

Doing these two things will grease the Universal wheel making it turn more smoothly and with greater speed.


No matter what circumstance we find ourselves in, there is generally room for improvement to occur. And it simply makes good sense to consistently strive for improvement in our lives. Who doesn’t want things to get better, right?

So, if you feel stuck, or just as a regular matter of course, take stock of the current circumstances of your life and then create an action plan for progress.

What little steps can you take to make an immediate improvement in your situation? Brainstorm. Come up with as many as you can. And then do them. One at a time. Do each one.

And don’t consider any action to small. Because, in addition to results obtained directly from the action itself, you will derive a measure of improvement just from the movement of energy that taking action creates. It is energy that is impeded in some way, which is causing a feeling of inertia or decline. You need to get that energy moving again. So act. And maintain a good attitude, because the positive vibe of that attitude will raise the frequency of the energy. And the higher the frequency is the more desirable your results will be.


We so often hear the phrase ‘dreaming of the future’. It is tossed around like an all-purpose solution to bringing our deepest desires to fruition. And that is a good thing!

But, I challenge you to consider that it is better to visualize your future, than it is to dream about it. Visualization is a more positively charged activity. It is a bit different than its more subtle counterpart, dreaming.

When we visualize our future, we make the effort of conjuring up the feelings which will accompany the realization of our dreams. These feelings are of the same frequency as the actual presence of our desires. And, because frequencies attract like frequencies, they will literally attract those desires into our lives. They are a key component to the actual physical manifestation of our desires.

Combining action and visualization creates a powerful duo. One that is sure to clear up any stuck energy you have lurking around your life, and get you well on your way to living in the very midst of your most heartfelt desires ❀

So get to it! And let me know how it goes in the comments. Or share an experience you’ve already had in this area. I love hearing your input! I really do!

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One of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves is to more closely align with the ways of Mama Nature. As her seasons change the rest of the natural world aligns with them. We humans seem to have lost touch with this phenomena over time. And it would be in our best interests to reconnect with it.

The spring season is so clearly a time of renewal and rebirth. The animals are birthing their young. They become more active as the days grow warmer. The flowers are beginning to ‘strut their stuff’. Tiny little buds are forming on the trees. And we see fresh new life popping up throughout the plant kingdom.

Humans are feeling it too. People are friendlier. They smile more. It is more common to hear the melody of their laughter. And the heightened level of energy they are experiencing is apparent by the ‘pep in their step’.

There are a few things I like to do in the spring to reap the full benefits of this season. You may want to consider implementing them in your own life. They really do make life a little richer. A little more indulgent.


Every gardener knows the deep-seeded connection that digging in the dirt in the early spring produces between them and the earth we live on. Without the careful and purposeful system she tirelessly runs, we would perish. She literally gives us life.

We need to grasp every opportunity we can to connect to her life force. It is immeasurably beneficial for us. And the spring season is particularly conducive to this activity πŸ˜‰

So dig your toes in the dirt. Walk barefoot. Wade in a nearby lake or stream. Hug a tree. Turn your face to the sun and soak up some rays. Sit and have a talk with Lady Moon in the evening. Do whatever you feel the urge to do that brings you closer to Mama Earth. And do it as often as you are able!


After the long, dark days of winter have left us, it is quite common for our indoor space to feel stuffy and drab. I suppose the fact of the matter is, it is stuffy and drab!

So take some time and clear it out. If you can open a few windows while you work, go for it. If you are starting before it is warm enough in your area to let the breeze flow through the house, that’s okay. BUT, please, get those windows open as soon as you can. It’s one of the most rewarding elements of this activity for sure.

Clean windows. Wash bedding and curtains. Then hang them outside to dry. Go through each room and pick up the little bits of clutter that gathered over the winter season. Give each room a thorough cleaning. And then burn some uplifting incense in them. Or maybe a linen scented candle. So nice!

Then take a few minutes to walk through each room of your house and consider what you want to happen there this season. Visualize the people and activities you want to see fill them now. And then release your vision to the Universe and stand steadfast in the belief that she will fulfill it for you ❀


Set aside some time when you can be undisturbed, and spend it taking stock of where you are at spiritually. Is there a spiritual practice you have been feeling called to bring into your life? Are you struggling with negative feelings surrounding a certain person? Or maybe you feel as though there is more you could be doing to contribute to the spiritual enrichment of others?

Whatever it is that you are feeling needs some attention in this area create a game plan for accomplishing that. Make it baby steps. Because they are easier to reach. And reaching our goals makes it substantially more likely that we will continue to set and meet goals in the future.

One of my go-to tools for assessing where I am at spiritually is to sit and write down the names of every person I can think of who I am presently processing emotions for. The good. The bad. And the ugly. LOL!

I then cut the names into slips. And put them in a jar. I pull them out one at a time. And as I extract each one from the jar I take a few minutes (or longer if needed) and sit quietly and process the emotions that thinking of them brings up. It creates a great space for releasing any negativity I have around others. This prevents it from rendering bitterness or anger in my being. Which is good for ME in the long run.

If you manage to check all three of these exercises off your spring improvement list, you will have done something healthy for your body, your mind, and your spirit. It just doesn’t get better than that ❀ πŸ˜‰ ❀

I’d love it if you took a minute to share your thoughts on this post. Particularly, if you choose to include some of these activities in your spring schedule. It would be great to hear about your experience!

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Making the effort to ebb and flow with the natural cycles of the seasons is paramount for good health. Our bodies are designed to follow the patterns of Nature. Even the smallest adjustments to honor these patterns just make damn good sense!

Winter is a season which calls for more quiet time, deep inner reflection, and more than the average amount of nurturing. Perhaps even a little pampering every now and again ❀️❄️❀️


Spend more time ‘snuggled in’ at home. Take a cue from wildlife and rest.

Life is busy much of the time. And sometimes the only way to shut that steady stream of to-do’s off is to get seriously intentional about it.

Take a at least one night a week this winter and plan to do a whole lot of nothing. Sink into a comfy chair with a good book. Gather up your crochet needles and put together some stitches while you watch a movie. Or sit yourself down with family/friends and play a few board games.

Just make sure there is an abundance of both feeling cozy and relaxing going on.


We all have things that we find difficult to cope with. Often we keep a few little struggles on the front lines of our lives in a subconscious attempt to avoid the bigger stumbling blocks.

Spend some time searching DEEP within your heart. See what you can find that causes you considerable pain when you think of it. Then allow yourself to feel the pain. Give it permission to be there. Recognize that it is justified. And it only makes sense that it took up residence there after the experiences you’ve had. And then …

Let it go. Take it right by the hand and escort it out of your life. March it to the outer edges of your personal experience here on this planet and place it on the other side of the borderline. Take a step back. Blow it a kiss and say goodbye. Then turn around and WALK AWAY.


Light a candle. Turn on some music. Close the bathroom door. And pamper yourself.

About once a week, create a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom (and maybe the bedroom too) and just pamper yourself.

Deep condition your hair. Give yourself a facial. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi.

Make it a point to keep your thoughts on the positive side. Use a mantra if it helps. And breathe. Breathe deeply. You are worth each and every moment you are spending in this space. You deserve to be treated well. And sometimes it is damn nice when you are the person doing it.

We too often pay very close attention to how others are treating us while losing sight of how we treat ourselves.

So let’s try a little harder to be kind to ourselves this winter season. We will be better for it in the spring ❀️

If you have something you make a point of doing to make the dark, cold, season of winter, more beneficial (dare I say rewarding?), please share it in the comments.

I’d love to acquire a few new tricks to tuck up my sleeve for the upcoming season πŸ˜‰

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Everybody wants to live a better life. It really makes no difference who they are, what they do, or what circumstances they live with every day. They want to alter their lives in a way that meets their deeper needs. They want it to be better than it is.

They want to have stronger, more stable relationships. They want to be respected, appreciated, and admired. And they want to feel that the way they’re spending their time and energy is purposeful.

Attaining these goals can seem impossible. When faced with the task, many people simply shut down intellectually, physically, and spiritually.

They don’t know how to get from where they are to where they want to be. It feels as though they are light years away from their goals. And so they do nothing.

Doing nothing guarantees that nothing changes.

But here’s some really great news for you …

You don’t have to run at these goals full speed. In fact, they are better reached incrementally.

Baby steps will get you to them just fine. So take baby steps. One or two little baby steps at a time.

Following are 18 things you can do right now that will exponentially improve your life.


  1. Do not let others tell you what you’re worth. They really have no way of knowing. Their opinions have been formed as an outside observer. It is impossible for them to understand all of the things which have shaped you into the human who stands before them today.
  2. Do not tell others what they’re worth. You really have no way of knowing. You’re opinions have been formed as an outside observer. It is impossible for you to understand all of the things which have shaped them into the human who stands before you today.
  3. Seek knowledge. You’re mind longs to learn. But sometimes it needs a little coaxing. Pick something that interests you. Anything at all. And then learn everything you can about it.
  4. Allow your mind to rest. It is estimated that the average person thinks between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts a day. Give it a break. Sit quietly somewhere, or maybe go for a walk, and shut down all of those random thoughts with a mantra. Try, “I am purposeful”, “I am worthy”, or “I am beautiful”.
  5. Train your mind to be more positive. This can be done pretty simply by practicing the 5×55 rule. Choose a mantra (see above) and write it out 55 times for 5 days. Your mind believes what you tell it. And over time it will start repeating these positive inputs on its own.
  6. Smile. The very act of engaging in this facial expression causes an elevation in mood. You do not have to feel like smiling for it to work. Your brain associates the movement of the muscles you use to smile with ‘good feelings’ and will cause your mood to follow the action.


  1. Stretch every chance you get. If you feel impelled to embark on a formal stretching routine, go for it. But don’t limit it to just that. Take moments throughout the day to stretch. It is sooooooo good for your body. And if you accompany it with a long slow breath in through your nose and out forcefully through your mouth you’ll increase the benefits by leaps and bounds.
  2. Move more than you do right now. No matter what level of activity you have cultivated in your life, increase it. It doesn’t even matter what you do. Just move more each day than you have been in the routine of doing.
  3. Pamper yourself. In whatever way you feel most nurtured, take care of yourself. Read a good book. Take a long walk. Soak in a jacuzzi for a bit. Or sit down in your favorite chair and give yourself a foot massage. Take 2 minutes. Or take an hour. But pamper yourself in some way every day.
  4. Eat like you matter. Choose your food with careful consideration of its nutritional benefits. Prepare it with love. And then create a pleasant atmosphere to consume it in. Use the good china. Light the new candle. And disconnect from media.
  5. Learn to listen to your body. It knows exactly what it needs. AND it is trying to tell you. There is a little bit of a learning curve involved in this skill but it is so worth the extra effort it takes. Your body will tell you what it needs to eat, when it needs to rest, when it is in distress, and more. Learn to hear what it has to say before you make choices that affect it.
  6. Begin to research and develop an understanding of human anatomy and physiology. This can be done at any level. And while most think of it as a skill only for health professionals, it is becoming increasingly important for the average person to have some knowledge in this area.


  1. Choose your higher power. And then cultivate an understanding of that power and also of the people who believe in it. This will broaden your view of faith. Both yours and others. Bonus points if you go so far as to research the belief systems of people who do not share your views.
  2. Write a gratitude list. And then keep it handy for review. Don’t tuck it away never to be seen again. Look at it regularly. Every day if you can.
  3. Engage in spiritual practices. These can be private practices, such as; prayer, meditation, or fasting. Or something more public, like; volunteer work, study groups, or attending spiritual services.
  4. Write a letter to your higher power. Be open and honest in what you say. Don’t hold back from releasing any negative emotions you feel about your relationship. Choose to release any inner turmoil you feel surrounding the contents of this letter. And then dispose of it. Burn it if you can.
  5. Write a letter to your higher power to express the appreciation, love, and gratitude you have for their presence in your life. Don’t hold back. Dig deep enough to include the little things. Then save it. Or send it off in the mail with an address that seems fitting. Don’t include a return address. Just let it go.
  6. Do something for someone without expecting anything in return. This tends to be more rewarding when you do something for someone who doesn’t have the means to reciprocate. Let go of any expectations you may be inclined to place on their reaction to your act. And keep your act of kindness private.

And there it is …

18 simple ways to improve your life.

If you’re anything like I am you’re going to want to get started on each and every one of them right away.

BUT it will serve you much better to pick one or two and work with them for a bit (baby steps, remember). Allow yourself to ease into practicing them. Take great joy in the progress you make as they become part of the very weave of your being. And be kind to yourself as you absorb the lessons they have to teach you.

Then pick one or two more and move on to the privilege of experiencing growth in those areas as well.

NOTE: You don’t have to actually master one to move on to another. The beauty of this is that it is a long term, organic growth process.

I’d love to hear your thoughts about these suggestions in the comments below.

Have you used any of these tools in the past? How has that worked out for you?

Is there one that you’re excited about getting started on? Which one? And why?

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I don’t have a picture of the garden table that I spent so many hours sitting at with my beloved Charlotte. It was a beautiful spot. Laden with the kind of artistic charm that only Charlotte could create. So this image will have to do. Credit: Taken from the web. Couldn’t really trace to a singular source 🀨

I used to be a little more concerned with what other people thought of me than I would have liked to admit πŸ˜‰

But it seems that the times they are a changin’. Like significantly. Really very significantly.

They’ve been changing for a very long time now. I would guesstimate my evolution in this arena started 15 years ago. Just before I turned 40 years old.

While sitting with a very close friend/mentor of mine over a cup of tea in her garden she looked me purposefully in the eyes and said, “Diane, turning 40 is a truly transformational time in a woman’s life. Somehow you ‘come into your own’. You find you no longer care much about what other people think of you or your choices. You like yourself more. And what other people think just isn’t as important as it once was.”

She was spot on with this advice. And I’ve never forgotten it. Actually, I’ve held tight to just about all of the ‘Charlotte wisdom’ I was so fortunate to receive throughout the time of my mentor/mentee relationship with this extremely extraordinary woman.

It is certainly true that one of the phrases that became a central tenet in my life throughout my 40’s was, “I’m OK with that.” Had Charlotte still been part of the weave of my life throughout that time she would have been quite proud!

At 44 years old I lost a job of 17 years as a result of an injustice fueled by two women who proclaimed to be my friends. Faced with a job loss, and the realization that I had welcomed frenemies into my home and treated them like family, I had to choose how I would respond to that unfortunate turn of events. My response was, “I’m OK with that.”

After all, better to uncover a frenemy than not. And that alone is something to hold great appreciation for!

But that loss offered more than just one blessing in disguise. It prompted me to launch my first entrepreneurial venture. I did it on a shoestring budget and still achieved great success!

That business still remains very close to my heart. It afforded me the opportunity to live life on my own terms. It is the very thing that freed me from the ‘daily grind’. The ‘9 to 5’. It made it so that the work that I did every day supported my own dreams and desires. As opposed to supporting the dreams and desires of others.

Later, when I wanted to travel across the country in an attempt to come to terms with the innate feeling that I belonged somewhere besides the little area of our country which I had always known as home, I sold off all my belongings and went gypsy style. I took only some clothes, some toiletries, and my most treasured books. This meant closing the doors to my business which at that point had grown to a lovely brick and mortar shop!

There was only 2 people in my life. Yes. Two is the count. Who supported this decision. But I went ahead and followed my heart regardless of the opinion of others.

Today when I look back on this choice and think of the people who should have stood behind me but didn’t, I say, “I’m OK with that.”

It was the best damn decision I ever made. My life has exponentially improved as a direct result of that entire experience. I am changed forever. And cannot even begin to imagine living life trapped in the hopeless cycle of unmet expectations I existed in up until that point.

After 4 years of living out among the incredibly amazing natural wonders of the redwood forests and the pacific northwest’s lost coast I found myself with a strong desire to ‘hit the road again’.

It meant leaving behind many people, places, and things I had begun to love dearly. I had started to build a life on the west coast. I was gathering things for my home (very domestic diva like), taking classes, creating routines, and just in general settling into the culture of the area.

Credit: The Alleen Company

But my inner intuition knew that it was time for me to leave. I’m not sure how to explain this feeling. It’s similar to the one you get at the end of a dinner party. Bit by bit people start filtering out. Goodbyes are said. You’ve already helped the hostess with much of the clean up. You’ve had a great time. There is part of you that wants to linger. But you know it’s time to go. There are things to do in the morning. And you have to get home and get some rest before you get up and start a new day. So you say your goodbyes and head home with some pretty fond memories tucked in your back pocket.

Well that’s how I felt. Like it was time to say my goodbyes and leave with a pocket packed full of fond memories.

So I sold my big ‘ol truck and bought an economy car to travel back across the country in. I cleared out my townhouse. And I started the long road trip back to the east coast. I felt a slight melancholy over having left. And I felt a bold, new excitement at the idea of forging a new path in a place that was completely unkown to me. All I really knew for sure was I had made the decision to go from one place to another without much of a plan, once again those who couldn’t understand such a decision were unable to just let go of their expectations of my life (which is weird as all hell when you really think about it) and I could very easily say, “I’m OK with that.”

Getting to my new home in northern Maine was much harder than I anticipated. But that’s another story entirely. I made it. Here I am.

Life has been rather eventful since I arrived. And often difficult. Settling into a small town is not as simple (or comical) as it is so often portrayed in movies.

BUT I am glad to be here. And find myself growing fonder of the people and the culture in this beautiful place every day.

It is completely different than that which I’ve experienced before. Sometimes better. Sometimes worse.

I am welcomed by most. Genuinely liked by many. And there are, of course, those who don’t care for me much. I am a ‘person from away’ as the locals say.


“I’m OK with that!”

I intend to ‘keep on keepin’ on’ as the bohemian populations used to say in the 70’s. And I intend to never lose sight of the fact that there is very little in this world which happens that leaves one with the inability to say, “I’m OK with that.”

As a matter of fact, in the big scheme of things no matter how tragic an event is, it remains a matter of fostering your own good mental health to bring yourself around to the place where you can say, “I’m OK with that.”


The alternative sucks. And who wants that?!?!

Not this woman. That’s for sure.

Don’t forget to leave your thoughts on this post in the comment! I’d love to hear them!

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Change can be unsettling! Just ask my bulldogge.

I imagine that people who know me would say that I easily accept change. But that is far from accurate. Forcing myself to avoid resistance of change has been a coping mechanism of mine for many years now. One born from an unhealthy belief that I was unable to mold the world around me. That I had to simply accede to what life brought my way.

Embracing change did not come naturally for this girl!

It did come though. I managed to cultivate the skill (it is a skill you know), with just a little change of perspective and a whole lot of patience with myself.

And now …

Life, and all of its twists and turns, are much easier for me to navigate.

I have learned that when changes roll along, which they assuredly will, they are not destined to be a disruptive force in my life. They roll in armed with an entire arsenal of new choices, just ripe for the pickin’!


β€œThings changed, people changed, and the world went rolling along right outside the window.” 
Nicholas Sparks


Change opens new doors. It turns the page of life’s written story and a fresh, blank sheet of paper is revealed. The perfect place for me to put pen to paper and begin a whole new chapter.

Lately, I find myself reflecting on how grateful I am to have grasped this concept of embracing change. Because, the ‘winds of change’ have once again begun to blow in my life.

It occurs to me that the immanent approach of transformative energy carries a certain excitement with it for me now. Which is infinitely more pleasant than the dread that used to wash over me at its prospect in the past.

The changes which sit on my horizon at the moment are minimal in comparison to many of those I have seen. But still significant. And as I catch glimpses of them seeping into my life I get excited at the opportunity they present me with. I am sitting with pen in hand πŸ˜‰

The idea that ‘making it’ in an area as remote as the one my son and I moved to last October would be difficult at best was not lost on us. We knew it would be hard to manage here. We had no resources here. And there is not a great deal of opportunity. Particularly, for employment.

The beauty and remote splendor of our new home is breathtaking to say the very least.
Photo credit:

We both took jobs. And we both found them pretty damn unsatisfactory. Pretty damn quickly.

So we decided we needed to ‘make our own way’. We joined forces and built a food truck (from the ground up). Because we knew our combined skill sets in the restaurant industry are a force to be reckoned with, and if executed properly we could make the venture succeed in spite of the minimal customer base the area provides.

We designed a menu that we felt was pretty fool proof and set about the business of finding a place to park the truck.

Our time, effort, and investment have paid off and our little business is successful. Like really very ‘over the top’ successful.

We are thrilled to know that next season is going to allow us to expand the services we offer and also hire help to cut down on the 70 hour a week workload we are both pulling right now.

She’s even prettier than this now. Several improvements have been made. This is when she first opened. But we thought she was gorgeous back then too!

But, for this season, the fact that we finished building late and missed about 6 weeks of business at the start, combined with the idea that the arrival of winter weather is unpredictable here and may cut our season even shorter than we anticipated, is a little financially concerning for us.

We exhausted our financial resources to make this venture happen. And while we don’t regret that a bit. And we know it is going to pay off in the end. There is a seriously long winter ahead. You can feel it in the air. And the local folks are quick to point out all of the ways Mama Nature is revealing her plan to drop another harsh winter on Aroostook County this year πŸ™ƒ

This was the view from our house last winter! It got worse than this before it was all over.

And so …

The ‘winds of change’ they are a blowin’ again πŸ˜‰

We’re not certain when business will begin to wane. And there is even a possibility that we may be able to sustain a small amount of business over the winter. We would like to do that. Not only for ourselves but for the communities we serve.

However …

Uncertainty is the only thing we can be certain of at this time.

How will it all play out? Will there be enough resources for us to navigate the long Aroostook County winter ahead? What does the winter have in store for us? Can temporary employment be secured?

It’s difficult to say!

And then there is the idea that this is not the only area of life in which we are faced with the certainty of uncertainty.

We live in an awfully insufficient little house (and that is putting it kindly, LOL). And expected to be out of here by fall of this year. But … well … we built a food truck!

We’d like to sell this little place next year for sure. But there’s a bit of work to be done in order to accomplish that goal.

So we ask ourselves …

Will we be able to get any of the work done on this terribly insufficient little property, so that we can start to take steps to move to a more desirable place next season? Or is that just financially out of reach because of the crazy short season we’ve had with the food truck this year?

Additionally, I would like to teach classes this winter. It would be good for my soul. And my soul needs a little nurturing after all of these long hard hours at the truck. I have honed my herbal skills for a little over a decade now. I am more than ready to hold classes. I’ve developed the skill set mindfully and drawn from a well-rounded pool of resources.

I was unable to find photos of any of the classes I held at the shop. I often wish I had saved photos from that time of my life. But I’m not a ‘saver’ and so that memorabilia is lost. I did find these pics through my old friend google. I apologize for their quality. I had to enlarge them to make them visible for you. They came from an open mic night that was held in my little grassroots ‘herbal oasis’! You can see the style of my amazing space in the background. I DO MISS that time in my life!

But I wonder …

Will there be enough interest in such a class in this little area I have chosen to call home? And if the interest is there will people actually carry that through to full commitment to the course?

I could go on with my list of uncertainties …

There are health issues which need to be addressed, vehicles to maintain, and personal bills to be paid without any ‘real plan’ on how to manage all of these things.

If viewed through the eyes of one who has not learned the fine art of embracing change the overall situation might look pretty damn bleak.

But, as stated, I have become a bit friendly with this fine art. And, while I do still stumble a bit sometimes with my ability to master its uncertainty, I have discovered throughout the development of my relationship with change that it is not scary at all. Not even a little bit.

As a matter of fact, it is exactly the opposite. It is exciting. It is exhilarating. It is an opportunity to put pen to page and design the outcome of the future.

And that is exactly what I will be doing over the next few days. Like literally sitting down and putting pen to paper and writing my story as I want it to be told in the spring.

There is great power in this practice. I can GUARANTEE, that in the spring, as I read the words I’ve written I will find it all played out even better than I am currently able to imagine.

The Trough (our food truck) will have maintained exactly the status it was destined to, whether that is serving a small menu with a few heat and serve soups to warm the local folks on cold, winter nights. Or closing the doors all together and starting fresh in the spring.

There will be enough resources for us to make it to those first gorgeous spring days. Because resources are MADE, not acquired. And we will make them as we need them. We always do.

Vehicles will be maintained far before the first snow flies. There is so much more maintenance to consider up here that it seems like a stretch. But things often seem like a stretch, don’t they? And yet THEY HAPPEN.

Health issues will be on the decline by spring, because we will both be able to take better care of ourselves when our work weeks are not 70 hours long! And I plan to pen a membership to the local ‘spa’ facilities into that story when I write it πŸ˜‰

Work will be done on the house so that it is ready, or darn close to ready, for sale in the spring. Because there will be more time this winter than there was last winter. It is such a small area and employment is scarce. Particularly for two people who are guaranteed to leave their jobs in the spring. So working on this old house will be our job!

And classes? I LOVE teaching classes. I LOVE the material I work with. I possess a great deal of knowledge in the subject I will teach and I have a highly honed skill in presenting educational material in an effective manner. I’m willing to bet it’s all going to come together quite nicely! Quite nicely indeed ❀️

So …

EMBRACE CHANGE. When it looks like life is about to take a few twists and turns, don’t resist. Worry and anxiety do not alter the outcome of situations. They simply make the journey through them more difficult.

Pick up a pen and write the story as you want it to be. Keep that storyline in your head as you navigate through the changes and you will be delighted with the outcome. Every single time ❀️

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