Moonstone is a healing crystal that I have been close to for some time now. I have used her to make a sleep elixir for about 13 years.

But that has really been the extent of our relationship thus far. And so, I really looked forward to working with her for this post.

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Rose quartz and I are very old friends. She’s stuck by my side through the last decade or so. And I am mad grateful for her loyalty. Every single time I turned to her she came through 😘

She is renowned as a stone for the heart. All matters of the heart. Both energetically and physically. She safeguards this life-giving entity which resides in our chest, and promotes its overall well-being.

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When I headed out to the local crystal store to pick up a stone to spend some time with, I fully intended to buy a piece of rose quartz. And I did. But sitting close by that stone was a pretty little red jasper heart. And I knew I had to have it. That kind of inner-knowing you get that can’t be ignored.

So I picked it up and told myself that I would work with that stone after I ran my little ‘3 days experiment’ with the rose quartz.

But when I got in the car and started to drive back home it was the jasper that I couldn’t put down. So I held on to her. I rubbed her between my fingers. Shifted her around in my hands. And held her close to my heart.

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