Breakfast is not generally the main point of focus on Valentine’s Day. BUT … I’m here to tell you that I think it should be. It is, after all, the most sensual meal of the day, particularly where couples are concerned ❤

Now please don’t misinterpret my use of the word sensual here. I am not referring to the sensations of physical pleasure. Or anything related to it really. But rather I speak of ‘relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses or the indulgence of appetite’. Sensual, as defined by those who have a deep grasp of the subtle innuendos of the English language. And … well … those who occasionally pick up a Merriam-Webster dictionary.

The morning meal is one that new lovers find themselves excited at the prospect of sharing. And couples, who already have entwined their daily lives, seek to make time for whenever they are able.

While we as a culture consider preparing dinner for a loved one a special gesture, it is the presentation of breakfast to our loved ones that really hits the heart. It is an unexpected gesture. A display of willingness to step outside of more typical social constructs to show how much someone means to us.

Now imagine if you will …

Presenting a sweet, and still good for you, morning meal to your special Valentine this year. Perhaps before their feet have even hit the floor.

Imagine a pile of mouth-watering pancakes, dripping with fresh, pure maple syrup infused with rosehips, and topped with sliced bananas, carob chips, and rose petals. Can you see it? Can you smell it?

And, perhaps more importantly, now that you have allowed it’s image to permeate your mind, can you live through this Valentine’s Day without it?

No? I thought not 😉

If you follow me on facebook and/or instagram you may have already snagged yourself some rosehips and started infusing them in pure maple syrup. As I made an announcement some time back that you might want to get a head start on that step of this recipe.

But, even if you didn’t catch the heads up, there is no need to dismay. You still have time!

Grab yourself some rosehips and a jar of pure maple syrup. (Sidenote: While shopping for your rosehips grab a few dried rose petals as well. Put these away to top your breakfast with on Valentine’s morning) Get a pint jar and fill it 1/3 of the way with rosehips. Then top it off with maple syrup. Stir it well. Set it out of direct sunlight to brew.

You will want to stir it every few days to allow the rosehips to circulate through the syrup.

It is often recommended that an herbal syrup infusion brew for 6 weeks. And that is definitely a great guideline to maintain. However, this infusion is being brewed for culinary purposes, not for medicinal purposes. If it sits for a week or so, it will soften the rosehips enough to make them pleasant to eat. And it will infuse enough of their flavor into the syrup to make a markedly tasty brew. And that’s what we’re going for!

Once you’ve got your syrup infusion brewing, make sure you have the rest of the ingredients for this dish on hand, and you are ready to put it all together on Valentine’s Day morning. That special love in your life is in for a pretty spectacular treat! And bonus … so are you!



1 c fine ground almond flour

1/4 c coconut flour

1 tsp baking powder (gluten free)

5 large eggs

1/3 c plant milk

1/4 c almond oil

1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/2 tsp almond extract

rosehip infused pure maple syrup (see above instructions)

2 bananas

carob chips

dried rose petals

Place the almond flour, coconut flour, baking powder, eggs, plant milk, almond oil, vanilla extract, and almond extract in a medium mixing bowl. Whisk together.

Heat a thin layer of cooking oil of your choice in a frying pan. Make it hot. Yet, don’t heat it to the point that it starts to smoke off.

Drop batter into the pan using a 1/4 cup measure. Allow it to cook until the bottom is golden brown. You will know it is ready when you see that most of the batter on top has begun to change form. It will clearly be starting to cook.

Flip the pancake over and cook on the other side until the pancake is cooked through completely.

Remove pancakes from pan and place in a stack on a plate.

Top with rosehip infused pure maple syrup, sliced bananas, carob chips, and rose petals.

Serve immediately.

This dish is best served piping hot. Although, I’m not gonna lie … I ate the leftovers cold from the fridge and they were pretty darn fabulous!

I do hope all of you enjoy this dish as much as I enjoyed creating it! And HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY my Luvs ❤ ❤ ❤ May it be your best one yet!

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As always, your presence here with me on Bohemian Apothecarist is greatly appreciated. I adore that you are here. And I just know that together we will indeed ‘Create A Life We LOVE’ ❤

May Your Blessings Be Abundant ~ Diane Gail

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