Do not build your lifestyle around your career. Rather build your career around your lifestyle. Otherwise you expend all of your energy building another man’s dreams.

Expend your energy designing and orchestrating the realization of your own dreams. Sounds unreachable? I get it. It always sounded unreachable to me as well. 

But the fact is, while there are many variables that make it seem unreachable, the only real road blocks are those we make no effort to see around. If you truly want to obtain freedom from the daily grind, than you have to map out a plan and begin taking steps toward its execution right away.


Immerse yourself in your dreams. Begin to allow them to permeate your mind. And start to use present tense language when you talk to yourself about them. For instance … Do not say, “One day when I’m an herbalist …”. Rather say, “I am an herbalist.”

Isn’t this deceitful you ask? Well … If you tell other people you are something you are not that is deceitful. But this practice envelopes what you tell yourself. And if you tell yourself you are an herbalist, even though you may not actually be fully qualified to carry the title, you are not being deceptive. You are simply using a positive affirmation to create the mindset you need to reach your goal.

And still, I challenge you to find a way to present yourself to others in the present tense. You can honestly say, “I study herbs.” There’s no deceit there 😉


Sometimes we get lost in the theory that we need to be all in with everything we do. When, in fact, we may simply need to take small steps toward our goal. Baby steps as it were 😉 

When I began my herbal journey, I started with one batch of soap. I became interested in herbs and started doing a little research about the art of herbalism on the web, and for whatever reason soap making caught my eye. Before I knew it I had gathered the supplies I needed. Many of them thrifted. And I was whipping up a batch of lathery loveliness.

From there it was off to the races. In just a few years I was making a full time living doing open air markets with my product line, which encompassed much more than soap. Another years passing found me running a reasonably lucrative online business doing the same. This was later to become quite profitable. And in just one more year, I had a brick and mortar shop.

This little space was my dream realized. I sold herbal products, healing crystals, and metaphysical supplies. There were many classes taught there, on all of the subjects mentioned above and more. There were even open mic nights run simply to provide a space for myself and others to socialize and have fun together. And it was fun. Great fun!


After you have managed to take a few (or many) small steps, you will likely find yourself in the position of considering a big leap. Opening my brick and mortar store was that leap for me.

I didn’t have the resources to start. I was making a decent little living doing open air markets and with my online sales. But there was no ‘extra’ income. I had to work around a whole lot of obstacles to launch my shop. But each time one presented itself the solution to it was lurking just around the corner.

It did require some pretty substantial sacrifices on my part. I even lived in the back of the shop for about 6 months. But it was that important to me. So I did it. And I have no regrets.

Since I threw caution to the wind all of those years ago, I have pretty much worked for myself in one capacity or another. I have held a few traditional jobs. As a matter of fact, I held two of them just this past winter. However, I now have a different mindset about generating income through working to build another man’s empire.

So I very carefully chose jobs which supported MY lifestyle. I did not rearrange my life for them. As a matter of fact, the moment one of them began to intrude on my ability to work toward my own goals, I gave my notice and got the hell out of there 😉

I have done things pretty unconventionally to make my own goals my first priority. And I HIGHLY recommend it to others! Choose a goal. Dream about it until you are itching to make it happen. Take as many small steps as you can toward it. At some point, you will begin to feel the Universe nudging you to take a big leap. And that is when you need to throw caution to the wind and JUST DO IT!

The only other choice I can see is to spend your time and energy building someone else’s dream. I am not willing to do that any longer. Those days are behind me. And I love to see others put them behind them as well.

So tell me in the comments whose dream are you building? Is it your own? Or someone else’s? If it’s your own, how are you doing that? I’d love to hear! 

And if it’s someone else’s, are you ready to begin the process of separating yourself from that and building your own dreams? This is a subject which is so very close to my heart. So let’s meet in the comments and chat all about it 😉

And … connect with me on facebook, instagram, and pinterest to stay abreast of any other happenings here at Bohemian Apothecarist.

As always, your presence is greatly appreciated. I adore that you are here. And I just know that we are going to have great fun together ❤  

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