There is something about the heat of a sunny summers day. Something that is a little hard to put into words. And yet seems to be clearly understood by both the plant and the animal kingdoms.

I like to think of it in gardening lingo. The seeds have been planted, and now it is time to just relax a bit and wait for the harvest to come. There is some maintaining to do, of course. Things will need to be watered and weeded. But, still, the next event that will require a significant bit of energy from us is the harvest.

So we have time to PLAY! And it feels good.

There are many ways that I engage in summer season play. But today, I want to share those that I never allow to slip through the cracks. A summer does not come and go, without me paying a little extra attention to these three areas.


The first of these is the innate need I feel to get physical. What? I just said to relax didn’t I?

Indeed, I did. So, do both. Get yourself engaged in physical activity that you enjoy. Things that get your blood pumping, your endorphins moving, and your mind off of the every day.

Maybe take a hike. Or a bike ride. Perhaps you could go on a hand-gliding adventure. Or water skiing. You get the idea!

AND … do yourself a favor and, at least once this summer, get physical doing something you’ve never done before. It is so good for your head space. So damn GOOD.


Choose something you would like to learn. Or further study a subject you’re already familiar with. But pick something that interests you and commit to increasing your knowledge of it.

You can do this with a hands on activity, if that is more desirable to you. I love hands on activities, and as you likely know they are often touted for their ability to help those who use them retain details of the subject matter they employ them with. I believe that to be true. They have a certain kind of stick-with-you quality.

BUT … I am a book nerd. And if you are also a lover of the written word, you may want to spend a good amount of your summer nights sitting in a comfy chair, under a star lit sky, with a book (or twenty) on the subject of your choosing.

PRO-TIP: Combine your hands-on skills with your inner book nerd, and you’ll likely come out light years ahead of practicing only one or the other technique 😉


And finally, commune with your higher power.

This is something you may be doing already. And that’s great. Which goes without saying, right? But the summer months offer you the opportunity to head out into nature and allow your connection with the divine to deepen. The ‘signal’ is stronger out there, as they say 😉

Let the soothing sights and sounds of Mama Earth melt away all of your stress and anxiety. Let her aromas and the sensations of her elements, earth, air, water, and fire, wash over your senses. And you will inevitably be changed on a profound level.

The summer season will be upon us soon. Do you have plans to engage in any of the activities I’ve mentioned this year? Or, perhaps, you have another way to squeeze all you can out of this energetically charged season. If so, I would love to hear about it! So, meet me in the comments, and share it with me if you will 😉

And … connect with me on facebook, instagram, and pinterest to stay abreast of any other happenings here at Bohemian Apothecarist.

As always, your presence is greatly appreciated. I adore that you are here. And I just know that we are going to have great fun together ❤

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