When I headed out to the local crystal store to pick up a stone to spend some time with, I fully intended to buy a piece of rose quartz. And I did. But sitting close by that stone was a pretty little red jasper heart. And I knew I had to have it. That kind of inner-knowing you get that can’t be ignored.

So I picked it up and told myself that I would work with that stone after I ran my little ‘3 days experiment’ with the rose quartz.

But when I got in the car and started to drive back home it was the jasper that I couldn’t put down. So I held on to her. I rubbed her between my fingers. Shifted her around in my hands. And held her close to my heart.

This is what she brought to mind …


While in my right hand I felt completely energized. That clean, vibrant energy we all long for. Like I could take on the whole world and win. Like a hands down win. No battling. Just victory from the onset.

I began to visualize plans for the future. The immediate future, but that isn’t so unusual for me. And the distant future, definitely not par for the course for me.

I was gazing at her cracks. The imperfections that drew me to her. And the way they divided her into three parts caught my attention. My mind was drawn to the two people in this world who mean the very most to me.

One is an active part of my life. The other is seemingly removed from my future. But there we were. All three of us in this gorgeous stone. This healing stone that was making me feel so vibrantly alive.

I felt prompted to turn her over and see the imperfections from another perspective. Much to my surprise the person I would have declared as the most stable in this trilogy was more scarred than the others. A revelation for me, for sure.

Does finding this 3 part representation of us mean that our relationship will somehow find new ground? Perhaps a place where we begin to plan for a future together? I don’t intend to speculate on the subject. The Universe so often has plans for me which I am unable to predict. Perhaps it will. Perhaps not. The only thing I know for sure is that I will be delighted by the outcome. That’s a given, as the cosmos always knows and produces exactly the right thing for me.

Another insight which came to me as I held her in my right hand was how content I am feeling in the wisdom my life journey has imparted to me thus far. And how it is time to begin to pour that out for others to access. I knew this. But I was feeling a profound confirmation of it. The time to teach on a deeper level has come. And it is quite welcome ❤

When I shifted her to my left hand my state instantly changed from an intense energy to a serene, stable sense of security. I experienced that moment one has when they fully grasp that the things they have been working on manifesting have been completed in the quantum realm. The work is done. And the only part left for them to play in the creation process is letting go of their expectations, and allowing the Universe to bring their desires into the physical realm.

I took note of the fact that it was the last full moon of the decade. And I knew she was telling me that turmoil and struggle I experienced through much of the past decade, will sit behind me in the decade to come. I have reached a place of strength, abundance, and prosperity. I cannot wait to see it all play out. It’s an exciting time for me, for sure!


I decided that today I would take my jasper friend to work with me. I thought it would be interesting to see what she had to say to me in that environment.

She put a $50 bonus in my pocket right after I arrived there. WooHoo! A great way to start the night. And she opened up an extra shift on a week when I was looking to pick one up. Along with the possibility of a few other shifts I may be interested in this month. And those are good things.

Day 3

I forgot to put my lovely red jasper in my pocket on day 3. So I grabbed her the next day and put her in my pocket before I left the house for work.

I didn’t feel the same connection with her today. Odd.

However, yesterday when I didn’t have her with me I went out and bought myself a cup of coffee. Coffee and I don’t do well together. It makes me physically ill. And I’ve been struggling with giving it up completely for a few years. It seems, I always go back to it. I hadn’t had a cup in a month and a half so indulging was not a great idea. But indulge I did.

Today I really wanted another cup (of course). But I decided it would be easy enough to forgo that because I didn’t have time to stop for one. I did, however, expect to struggle with the desire to feed the nasty caffeine addiction monster!

But after I put my little piece of jasper in my pocket the struggle simply dissipated. Yay! I also noticed that even though I didn’t bring a very satisfying lunch today I am not snacking on things that are not good for me. That is not the norm for me. I have to take something that is healthy and satiating or I eat crap. Thanks red jasper! That’s kind of a big deal ❤


As a person who has worked with alternative healing and spiritual modalities for decades, I recognize that some of the emotions, thoughts, and events which occurred while I carried my lovely piece of red jasper with me may not be related to her presence.

And still, I don’t discredit the sixth sense I have cultivated about these sorts of things either. And I put forth information which I really do attribute to the energetic frequency that this stone brought to my days.

My intent in approaching this post in this manner, as opposed to the usual style in which healing crystal property posts are written, was to offer something a bit different. More personal. Less general.

I hope this space inspires others to share their experience with healing stones. I think it would be beneficial for everyone to have more information about stones presented in this way available to them.

If you have experiences with healing stones, particularly red jasper, that you would be willing to share, please put them in the comments. I am very excited to hear them ❤ 😉 ❤

And … connect with me on facebook and pinterest if you would like to stay abreast of any other happenings going on here at Bohemian Apothecarist.

As always, your presence is greatly appreciated. I adore that you are here. And I just know that we are going to have great fun together ❤

DISCLAIMER: I am not a licensed health professional. You are solely responsible for researching crystals to determine how you choose to use them. If you decide to make them a part of your health care plan, I take no responsibility for the results of that decision.

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