Making the effort to ebb and flow with the natural cycles of the seasons is paramount for good health. Our bodies are designed to follow the patterns of Nature. Even the smallest adjustments to honor these patterns just make damn good sense!

Winter is a season which calls for more quiet time, deep inner reflection, and more than the average amount of nurturing. Perhaps even a little pampering every now and again ❤️❄️❤️


Spend more time ‘snuggled in’ at home. Take a cue from wildlife and rest.

Life is busy much of the time. And sometimes the only way to shut that steady stream of to-do’s off is to get seriously intentional about it.

Take a at least one night a week this winter and plan to do a whole lot of nothing. Sink into a comfy chair with a good book. Gather up your crochet needles and put together some stitches while you watch a movie. Or sit yourself down with family/friends and play a few board games.

Just make sure there is an abundance of both feeling cozy and relaxing going on.


We all have things that we find difficult to cope with. Often we keep a few little struggles on the front lines of our lives in a subconscious attempt to avoid the bigger stumbling blocks.

Spend some time searching DEEP within your heart. See what you can find that causes you considerable pain when you think of it. Then allow yourself to feel the pain. Give it permission to be there. Recognize that it is justified. And it only makes sense that it took up residence there after the experiences you’ve had. And then …

Let it go. Take it right by the hand and escort it out of your life. March it to the outer edges of your personal experience here on this planet and place it on the other side of the borderline. Take a step back. Blow it a kiss and say goodbye. Then turn around and WALK AWAY.


Light a candle. Turn on some music. Close the bathroom door. And pamper yourself.

About once a week, create a soothing atmosphere in the bathroom (and maybe the bedroom too) and just pamper yourself.

Deep condition your hair. Give yourself a facial. Treat yourself to a mani/pedi.

Make it a point to keep your thoughts on the positive side. Use a mantra if it helps. And breathe. Breathe deeply. You are worth each and every moment you are spending in this space. You deserve to be treated well. And sometimes it is damn nice when you are the person doing it.

We too often pay very close attention to how others are treating us while losing sight of how we treat ourselves.

So let’s try a little harder to be kind to ourselves this winter season. We will be better for it in the spring ❤️

If you have something you make a point of doing to make the dark, cold, season of winter, more beneficial (dare I say rewarding?), please share it in the comments.

I’d love to acquire a few new tricks to tuck up my sleeve for the upcoming season 😉

And … connect with me on facebook if you would like to stay abreast of any other happenings going on here at Bohemian Apothecarist. We will both be glad you did ❤

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