I don’t have a picture of the garden table that I spent so many hours sitting at with my beloved Charlotte. It was a beautiful spot. Laden with the kind of artistic charm that only Charlotte could create. So this image will have to do. Credit: Taken from the web. Couldn’t really trace to a singular source 🤨

I used to be a little more concerned with what other people thought of me than I would have liked to admit 😉

But it seems that the times they are a changin’. Like significantly. Really very significantly.

They’ve been changing for a very long time now. I would guesstimate my evolution in this arena started 15 years ago. Just before I turned 40 years old.

While sitting with a very close friend/mentor of mine over a cup of tea in her garden she looked me purposefully in the eyes and said, “Diane, turning 40 is a truly transformational time in a woman’s life. Somehow you ‘come into your own’. You find you no longer care much about what other people think of you or your choices. You like yourself more. And what other people think just isn’t as important as it once was.”

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