Change can be unsettling! Just ask my bulldogge.

I imagine that people who know me would say that I easily accept change. But that is far from accurate. Forcing myself to avoid resistance of change has been a coping mechanism of mine for many years now. One born from an unhealthy belief that I was unable to mold the world around me. That I had to simply accede to what life brought my way.

Embracing change did not come naturally for this girl!

It did come though. I managed to cultivate the skill (it is a skill you know), with just a little change of perspective and a whole lot of patience with myself.

And now …

Life, and all of its twists and turns, are much easier for me to navigate.

I have learned that when changes roll along, which they assuredly will, they are not destined to be a disruptive force in my life. They roll in armed with an entire arsenal of new choices, just ripe for the pickin’!


β€œThings changed, people changed, and the world went rolling along right outside the window.” 
Nicholas Sparks


Change opens new doors. It turns the page of life’s written story and a fresh, blank sheet of paper is revealed. The perfect place for me to put pen to paper and begin a whole new chapter.

Lately, I find myself reflecting on how grateful I am to have grasped this concept of embracing change. Because, the ‘winds of change’ have once again begun to blow in my life.

It occurs to me that the immanent approach of transformative energy carries a certain excitement with it for me now. Which is infinitely more pleasant than the dread that used to wash over me at its prospect in the past.

The changes which sit on my horizon at the moment are minimal in comparison to many of those I have seen. But still significant. And as I catch glimpses of them seeping into my life I get excited at the opportunity they present me with. I am sitting with pen in hand πŸ˜‰

The idea that ‘making it’ in an area as remote as the one my son and I moved to last October would be difficult at best was not lost on us. We knew it would be hard to manage here. We had no resources here. And there is not a great deal of opportunity. Particularly, for employment.

The beauty and remote splendor of our new home is breathtaking to say the very least.
Photo credit: VisitMaine.com

We both took jobs. And we both found them pretty damn unsatisfactory. Pretty damn quickly.

So we decided we needed to ‘make our own way’. We joined forces and built a food truck (from the ground up). Because we knew our combined skill sets in the restaurant industry are a force to be reckoned with, and if executed properly we could make the venture succeed in spite of the minimal customer base the area provides.

We designed a menu that we felt was pretty fool proof and set about the business of finding a place to park the truck.

Our time, effort, and investment have paid off and our little business is successful. Like really very ‘over the top’ successful.

We are thrilled to know that next season is going to allow us to expand the services we offer and also hire help to cut down on the 70 hour a week workload we are both pulling right now.

She’s even prettier than this now. Several improvements have been made. This is when she first opened. But we thought she was gorgeous back then too!

But, for this season, the fact that we finished building late and missed about 6 weeks of business at the start, combined with the idea that the arrival of winter weather is unpredictable here and may cut our season even shorter than we anticipated, is a little financially concerning for us.

We exhausted our financial resources to make this venture happen. And while we don’t regret that a bit. And we know it is going to pay off in the end. There is a seriously long winter ahead. You can feel it in the air. And the local folks are quick to point out all of the ways Mama Nature is revealing her plan to drop another harsh winter on Aroostook County this year πŸ™ƒ

This was the view from our house last winter! It got worse than this before it was all over.

And so …

The ‘winds of change’ they are a blowin’ again πŸ˜‰

We’re not certain when business will begin to wane. And there is even a possibility that we may be able to sustain a small amount of business over the winter. We would like to do that. Not only for ourselves but for the communities we serve.

However …

Uncertainty is the only thing we can be certain of at this time.

How will it all play out? Will there be enough resources for us to navigate the long Aroostook County winter ahead? What does the winter have in store for us? Can temporary employment be secured?

It’s difficult to say!

And then there is the idea that this is not the only area of life in which we are faced with the certainty of uncertainty.

We live in an awfully insufficient little house (and that is putting it kindly, LOL). And expected to be out of here by fall of this year. But … well … we built a food truck!

We’d like to sell this little place next year for sure. But there’s a bit of work to be done in order to accomplish that goal.

So we ask ourselves …

Will we be able to get any of the work done on this terribly insufficient little property, so that we can start to take steps to move to a more desirable place next season? Or is that just financially out of reach because of the crazy short season we’ve had with the food truck this year?

Additionally, I would like to teach classes this winter. It would be good for my soul. And my soul needs a little nurturing after all of these long hard hours at the truck. I have honed my herbal skills for a little over a decade now. I am more than ready to hold classes. I’ve developed the skill set mindfully and drawn from a well-rounded pool of resources.

I was unable to find photos of any of the classes I held at the shop. I often wish I had saved photos from that time of my life. But I’m not a ‘saver’ and so that memorabilia is lost. I did find these pics through my old friend google. I apologize for their quality. I had to enlarge them to make them visible for you. They came from an open mic night that was held in my little grassroots ‘herbal oasis’! You can see the style of my amazing space in the background. I DO MISS that time in my life!

But I wonder …

Will there be enough interest in such a class in this little area I have chosen to call home? And if the interest is there will people actually carry that through to full commitment to the course?

I could go on with my list of uncertainties …

There are health issues which need to be addressed, vehicles to maintain, and personal bills to be paid without any ‘real plan’ on how to manage all of these things.

If viewed through the eyes of one who has not learned the fine art of embracing change the overall situation might look pretty damn bleak.

But, as stated, I have become a bit friendly with this fine art. And, while I do still stumble a bit sometimes with my ability to master its uncertainty, I have discovered throughout the development of my relationship with change that it is not scary at all. Not even a little bit.

As a matter of fact, it is exactly the opposite. It is exciting. It is exhilarating. It is an opportunity to put pen to page and design the outcome of the future.

And that is exactly what I will be doing over the next few days. Like literally sitting down and putting pen to paper and writing my story as I want it to be told in the spring.

There is great power in this practice. I can GUARANTEE, that in the spring, as I read the words I’ve written I will find it all played out even better than I am currently able to imagine.

The Trough (our food truck) will have maintained exactly the status it was destined to, whether that is serving a small menu with a few heat and serve soups to warm the local folks on cold, winter nights. Or closing the doors all together and starting fresh in the spring.

There will be enough resources for us to make it to those first gorgeous spring days. Because resources are MADE, not acquired. And we will make them as we need them. We always do.

Vehicles will be maintained far before the first snow flies. There is so much more maintenance to consider up here that it seems like a stretch. But things often seem like a stretch, don’t they? And yet THEY HAPPEN.

Health issues will be on the decline by spring, because we will both be able to take better care of ourselves when our work weeks are not 70 hours long! And I plan to pen a membership to the local ‘spa’ facilities into that story when I write it πŸ˜‰

Work will be done on the house so that it is ready, or darn close to ready, for sale in the spring. Because there will be more time this winter than there was last winter. It is such a small area and employment is scarce. Particularly for two people who are guaranteed to leave their jobs in the spring. So working on this old house will be our job!

And classes? I LOVE teaching classes. I LOVE the material I work with. I possess a great deal of knowledge in the subject I will teach and I have a highly honed skill in presenting educational material in an effective manner. I’m willing to bet it’s all going to come together quite nicely! Quite nicely indeed ❀️

So …

EMBRACE CHANGE. When it looks like life is about to take a few twists and turns, don’t resist. Worry and anxiety do not alter the outcome of situations. They simply make the journey through them more difficult.

Pick up a pen and write the story as you want it to be. Keep that storyline in your head as you navigate through the changes and you will be delighted with the outcome. Every single time ❀️

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this post in the comments! I’d love to hear them πŸ˜‰

And … connect with me on facebook if you would like to stay abreast of any other happenings going on here at Bohemian Apothecarist. We will both be glad you did ❀

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