Introducing The Bohemian Apothecarist (That’s Me ~ Diane Gail)

Hey Everyone! So glad you decided to join me here @ Bohemian Apothecarist πŸ€—

If you know me then you know that I have had other blogs in the past. And each of those ventures were meant to financially contribute to my life. And they did. I consider myself fortunate for that.

The creation of Bohemian Apothecarist has a bit of a different purpose. I intend to use this ‘interweb’ space to share bits and pieces of my life journey with those who care to walk through this little portion of it with me.

Why would you want to walk through this bit with me?

I’m not at all sure. I simply know that all of the work that I’ve done running online spaces has been exactly that … WORK!

I would like to kick back a bit and enjoy the process of creating content (I love to write), sharing the things in life that pique my interest (both in good ways and in bad), and putting knowledge out there which I have gained that I feel may be of benefit to others (we all have that, we should share it).

So that’s what Bohemain Apothecarist is all about. I have created spaces on facebook, pinterest, etsy, and patreon. Most of them have no content at this time. I simply created them to secure the URL.

Facebook, pinterest, and this space will definitely grow over the winter months this year. Etsy and patreon may or may not ever see expansion. If I get in creation mode that extends beyond writing and memes etc, then there may be something put out there for anyone who is interested to purchase.

But right now I am co-running a food truck with my son. And quite honestly it is usurping pretty much all of my time. We are working 70 hours a week in the truck alone and then trying to maintain some sort of order in our personal lives. Only half-assed successfully on the personal life. With great success on the food truck venture!

Nonetheless, here are web addresses for all of the Bohemian Apothecarist’s sites:

I’m sort of a spiritual junkie, so I will likely post items referring to what I believe is enlightening information. I understand that enlightening information is highly subjective so you may or may not find it to be so.

I am a bit of an herbal enthusiast, so I will likely post information about herbs and their uses along with how-to’s concerning their preparation. This winter I will be working on finishing up an herbal course I started some time ago. I imagine much of that work will turn into blog posts here, memes on fb, and related pins on pinterest.

I have a passion for healing crystals, so I will likely post information on this subject as well. It is not a subject that I am as well-versed in as herbs, but what the hell this space will serve as a place where we can learn together.

You may also find recipes (after all … food truck), chemical-free cleaning tips (cuz I have a thing for that), funny quips (at least I will think they are funny) and all manner of other random things.

If you’ve read this far, I’m honored! I hope you stick around and see what the space has to offer. And please remember that without your interaction and input it becomes a bit hollow for me.

So do share your ideas and opinions. Do. Do. Do. πŸ˜‰

This post is meant to be an informal introduction to exactly what’s happening here (I think it makes the mark on that one). It is also supposed to tell you a bit about me (perhaps that could be a bit more detailed, but how do you sum up an entire ‘personhood’ in a blog post?)

I apologize for it’s lack of visual appeal. I’ve not worked on WordPress before and I still haven’t figured out how to ‘pretty it up’! I will though. Because it will haunt me until I do, LOL!

Thanks again for being here. Stick around a bit. I think you’ll be glad you did. I know I will πŸ˜‰

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